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Pets and their parents deserve to be treated better. -

We are tired of losing our pets too soon. With the use of natural ingredients that make better treats, foods, and toys for our pets, we are on a mission to help keep our furry best friends around longer!

To learn more about why our pets are getting so sick and what we can do about it, watch our Pet Health Video:

Pets are part of the family. Furry children that will always be happy to see you and will
never borrow your car.

So why are we feeding them dangerous chemicals, dyes, and fillers?

PetClub 247 was born out of a desire to give your pets the long, healthy, happy lives they deserve and to make a healthy diet accessible and affordable to every pet parent. We have created a place we can shop with confidence.

We did our research.

We  learned that pets with cancer who were given the Coriolus Versicolor mushroom lived longer than those who didn't... so we baked it in a biscuit. From there, we have developed a full line of all-natural (made in the U.S.A.) products that you can only find at PetClub 247, to help keep your fur kid by your side for longer. 

All the natural support your pet needs, in one place.

Our proprietary treats, foods, and toys bring your furry best friend the relief they deserve.

Pawing It Forward

PetClub 247 wants to make an even bigger impact in the lives of animals (especially those who don't have families to call their own). That's why we donate a portion of our profits to the Beagle Freedom Project and other organizations focused on supporting the welfare of our pets. 


Our mission at PetClub 247 is to provide a better life for pets and their parents.

The only problem with pets (besides the occasional shoe chewing or hairball on the carpet) is that they don't live forever.  Unfortunately, we can't fix that. But as pet parents, we can do everything in our power to keep them healthy, happy, and safe for as long as possible. 

  • Pet parents just don't know what healthy is. We trust that the products in stores and online are healthy options for our pets. 
  • We haven't been educated about how immune boosting supplements help defend pets against the simplest ailment to the most life-threatening ones.
  • Pet food, treats and toys purchased from brick and mortar and online retailers are usually expensive and occasionally cost-prohibitive. 
  • People fall into careers of convenience and don't realize that they can make money doing what they love. 
  • Some animals are being subjected to horrible mistreatment and our shelters are overcrowded with pets looking for homes. 

  • We help educate pet owners on what to look for when selecting food, treats, and toys for their pets. 
  • We offer one of the most sought after immune building supplements for humans and pets available on the market. 
  • We offer our products at a competitive price. If you're not completely satisfied with your purrrrchase, we'll refund your money. 
  • We have created a way for people to make money in the pet industry just by sharing our mission. Get involved. 
  • Support the community by donating a portion of our profits to animal rescue and welfare organizations like The Beagle Freedom Project.

PetClub 247 is revolutionizing the way pets and their parents are treated.

Who is behind PetClub 247?

After losing too many pets too soon, we decided that enough was enough. As responsible pet parents and established entrepreneurs, we realized that something had to be done to help prevent the epidemic that is sweeping our pet population. So we did something. 


Steve Youngblood

President Chief Executive Officer

Steve Youngblood

Steve serves as President and Chief Executive Officer, directing the company's worldwide growth and operations. Steve is an accomplished entrepreneur with over 40 years of business experience starting and running successful traditional companies as well as direct sales companies. He is a motivator that has been sought out as a consultant by other successful companies due to his masterful ability to put together meaningful and compliant compensation programs. Steve is an expert in product sourcing and development and works closely with our research partners identifying and developing excellent health and wellbeing solutions for both pets and people.

Simon Lu

Vice President of Chief Operations Officer

Simon Lu

Simon serves as Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, responsible for the company's worldwide operations and logistics. Simon also oversees and manages the information technology department and the company's financial matters. Simon has over 30 years of business experience starting and running successful traditional companies as well as direct sales companies. Simon has an impressive background that includes a career in computer and management consulting with Accenture, KPMG, Ariba Technologies and Oracle.

Gino Ferrare

Vice President of Business Development

Gino Ferrare

Gino serves as Vice President of Business Development, guiding the company's network of Brand Advocates toward their goal of earning extra income by promoting the sale of the company's products to the general public. Gino is an accomplished entrepreneur with over 40 years of business experience starting and running successful traditional companies as well as direct sales companies. He has been involved in the Pet Food & Treat Manufacturing industry, coordinating manufacturing and product placement in major retail stores throughout the U.S.A. and Canada. He is accomplished in international trade and has established Direct Sales operations in Europe and Canada. In addition, Gino is a master builder of network marketing organizations with a career that reaches well into the hundreds of thousands of independent representatives and multiple millions of dollars in revenue.

Kurt Ludlow

Vice President of Global Sales

Kurt Ludlow

Kurt serves as Vice President of Global Sales, overseeing the design and execution of effective sales strategies. Kurt's comprehensive understanding of business has lead to developing large international marketing teams that have acquired hundreds of thousands of customers for multiple companies, and he has been instrumental in producing several thriving business projects. Kurt dedicates his time to building strong relationships and enriching the lives of others as he shares the mindset, skills, and tools it took, and continues to take, to be successful.

Cristin Ludlow

Vice President of Marketing

Cristin Ludlow

Cristin serves as Vice President of Marketing, creating and implementing marketing and advertising strategies to equip and empower Brand Advocates. Cristin has spent tens of thousands of hours researching and honing an emotional intelligence, which is at the core of social branding and relational marketing. Her understanding of these dynamics and love for people have lead to developing large international marketing teams that have acquired hundreds of thousands of customers for multiple companies, participating in several thriving business projects, and inspiring others to turn their passions into profit.

Get Involved!

Together we can make the difference.

Start treating your pets and yourself better.

We are all tired of losing our pets too soon. By educating ourselves and introducing these healthier alternatives to our pets sooner, we are able to keep our furry best friends around longer.

Share your experiences with others.

When we have positive experiences, it is natural to want to share them with others we care about. By advocating for the animals out there who need our life changing products, we are able to make a big difference...one fur kid at a time.

What you do matters.

We are  a community of animal lovers and pet parents  who are coming  together and fighting  for what we believe in. By educating others and offering a solution, we are honored everyday to wake up excited  and go to bed proud of our efforts to help both pets and their parents.

Have questions? We're pawsitive we can answer them!


Contact your PetClub 247 Brand Advocate



After learning why our pets are getting sicker, our customers and Brand Advocates are stepping up and becoming a part of the solution. They are working with a large community of pet lovers who are tired of being tricked, and are doing something about it in a meaningful way!

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